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You can't go wrong with this great casino referal program.

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Commission Programs

Our affiliate program offers the type of variety that your looking for when it comes to choosing a commission programs. Choose a revenue share or CPA model—or contact us to create a custom hybrid model—we work with our affiliates to create the compensation package that they need.
Our Revenue Share Program:
Share in all the revenue achieved from your traffic.
Depositors Revenue
1 to 30 25%
31 to 60 30%
61 to 90 35%
91 to 120 40%
120+ 45%
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA):
Earn a set amount for each new depositing player that you bring. You can also create a customized CPA deal, by contacting Us once You have joined.
Additional Programs:
Custom Programs: Create your own commission program by combining Rev-share and CPA. Deckmedia will create a personalized compensation package that fits your needs.
Sub-Affiliate Program:
Deckmedia doesn’t just pay you for your players. Profit even more when you refer additional affiliates to us. When you refer an affiliate to Deckmedia, you’ll receive a share of the revenue that they generate.
Multi Tier Monthly percentage of your
sub-affiliates earnings
1st Tier 7%
2nd Tier 4%