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Winning Casino Systems

This page will catalogue all the casino systems that actually work and make you money, Any system listed on this page would have been tried and tested by myself or one of my team.


.::1,2,3 Roulette System::.

This is another simple system although not quite as simple as 'Nothing But Black' but still simple, only requires a little bit of work on your part but like all systems don't get greedy.
having more than one casino account here is beneficial so your not playing at the same casino everyday or give atleast 24hours between each visit.

Slotocash Casino
Miami-Club Casino
Would be my choices.

How to use The Systems

Most important: Play the 'Play for Fun' option to try the system out without paying any cash out first. This will give you a good chance to test and get used to the system first without paying a single penny . You've also got that second account ready ...? No!? Then do that now so .

1. Open up your casino of choice and on to European Roulette (usually found under the 'Table Games' or Sometimes 'Speciality Menu' Then 'Table Games' option). Put this game window to the far left of your screen.

2. Either open up a blank notepad document (Start - All Programs - Accesories - Notepad) and move it to the right of your Roulette window, or , you could just use a pen and paper! The rest really is far more simpler than it sounds.

3. You can see that the Roulette table is split into 3 main parts. The numbers 1 to 12, then 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. We are going to call these 1, 2 and 3. In the images below, you can see the split and where to place a bet (where it says 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12). Using this system you will be placing your bets in only one of three places. Here are shots of where you will be placing bets:


4. Don't put any money down for at least the first 5 spins if you can (If the casino does not allow a 'free-spin' then just place $1 on RED & $1 on Black this way you will not lose any money) .
Record each spin on your notepad. So if the ball lands on any numbers from 25 to 36 (3rd 12), put 3 in your notepad. Keep doing this until either 1 or 2 or 3 does not come up five times in a row. As an example, your notepad record after 5 spins might show '1 2 1 2 2'. In other words, the ball didnít land on the 3rd 12, five times in a row. So now it's time to bet on 3rd 12' because the 3rd 12 hasn't shown in 5 spins.

So, you would place your first bet on the area where it says '3rd 12' in the image above. This is quite simple, but please read this step again to make sure you know what you are doing. Some sites will not accept a stake of less than 50c.

5. Placing your bets and what to bet, this is very simple as the three areas of the table you are betting give you 2 to 1 odds meaning if bet $1 win $2 back so if your first bet is 50cents and you lose then you bet $1 next time if you lose again your next bet would be $1.50 so basically whatever your first bet is you would just add another one on until you win and YOU WILL WIN!

6. Hey presto! You've got it! Just look at that balance grow and grow!

Please Take time to remember that you are gambling, no matter what. So only play with money that you can afford to play with. ALWAYS try the systems on the casino's 'free-play' option before you place any money in. It's free and only requires your accuracy .