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Winning Casino Systems

This page will catalogue all the casino systems that actually work and make you money, Any system listed on this page would have been tried and tested by myself or one of my team.


.:: Nothing But Black Roulette System ::.

Here is a winning roulette system I came across quite a few years ago and thought I would give it another go today 29/10/2016.

Playing at Sloto'Cash Casino on European Roulette which can be found under Speciality Menu and then Table Games. I played for about 25 minutes I made a profit of $31 with a bank of $100 which doesn't sound a lot but I was playing the beginners strategy as shown below just to test it.
The largest bet I placed before winning was $32 at round 15 minutes into playing and I won that bet and then returned back to $1 until the next loss and then up to $2 and so on.

In a way , I didn't want to put this system here, because I have seen so many people crash and burn.
The main reason people lose on this system is because of greed and bad time management!

This works great for newcomers to a casino, as the casino will try to entice you with big winnings on your first go.

The method is very simple and does not require a notepad or having to remember too much just how much your previous bet was.

The System

Just put down $1 on black (the black diamond) and spin.

If you win, you get $2 ($1 profit).
If you lose, put down $2.
Lost again? Then double your next bet to $4. But stick to black.
Only double your bet, so simply :- 1,2,4,8,16,32,64, etc.
If you really want to go down this line, then I would suggest putting on 7 blank spins (no money if possible) first and then betting no more than $1 on the first bet.

The Warning!

With this system, it's easy to get carried away because it is so fast. I made $580 one night with a deposit of $20, within 20 minutes. My greed took over and I lost the lot! Please don't go down the same road.

Don't forget, this is still gambling. Only stake what you can afford to lose.