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The aim of the game is to predict where the ball will fall once the roulette wheel has been spun. It may sound simple but luck plays a major part in this game.

Players, usually up to eight, play against the House represented by the croupier also called the dealer.
The croupier or dealer is the person responsible for the spinning of the roulette wheel, and handles the wagers and payouts.
In the European and French roulette version, the wheel has 37 slots representing 36 numbers and one zero.
In the USA most roulette wheels have two zeros and therefore 38 slots.
Some players will always choose particular numbers, calling them “hot numbers” meaning they think that those numbers come up more frequently, other players watch the play, and use the laws of probability to predict their next wager.
It is also possible to bet on several numbers, but beware; the payout is then considerably reduced.

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