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Winning Casino Systems

This page will catalogue all the casino systems that actually work and make you money, Any system listed on this page would have been tried and tested by myself or one of my team.


.::Simple Jacks Or Better Strategy::.

Have ever been told that video poker is possibly the very best game in a casino but you have never played the game and maybe worried that understanding the strategies could be tough then this article will be ideal for you personally it will not turn you into a video poker pro but by learning these simple guidelines rather than guessing you'll be in a position to extend your playing time & win much more frequently, it is ideal if you are going on holiday or in the event you just happen to visit a casino or play online also you can practice and test what you discover right here anytime at no cost in our totally free games section on this website.

You'll discover how you can indentify the different versions of Jacks Or Better and operate the game, about holding winning hands and also the significance of low pairs within the landbased casino or online casinos try to find a video poker game which is named Jacks or Better in the event you do not find a Jacks Or Better Video Poker game these simple techniques can also used on the game known as Bonus Poker but make sure you check on the pay table that whenever you get two pair that you simply will double your bet so should you place a five coin bet you'll get ten coins whenever you get two pair, do not play any game that does not double your bet whenever you win on two pair. Jacks Or Better Video Poker Playing the game is simple you will be asked to bet 1 to 5 coins and then you will be dealt five cards then just select which cards to hold and which ones to throw away the game then deals cards to replace what you threw away and pays you based on the worth of the hand you are left holding, you will occasionally get a successful hand upon the initial deal in the event you do the game will advise you of this by creating a sound and highlighting the successful hand upon the pay table if that occurs hold the cards that make up the Successful Hand and discard the rest of the cards, if you are dealt a pat hand such as a Straight or perhaps a Full House hold all 5 cards.

Any successful hand might land in front of you including a Royal Flush however the most regularly dealt successful hand is really a pair of High cards, high cards would be the Face cards Jack, Queen, King as well as the Ace, the remaining cards are known as low cards, a pair of any Face cards are classed as Jacks or Better and it's a winning hand, a pair of Jack's or Better will be the lowest awarding winning hand and it pays even money on the quantity of your wager. If you are not dealt a successful hand search to get a low pair, you do not wish to pass by a low pair, a low pair may be a dime a dozen but although it does not pay something by itself it provides you with probably the best starting hand to improve on, a low pair can effortlessly convert into the following winning hands:- 3 of a kind, Two pair, a Full House or Four of a Kind. Jacks Or Better Video Poker Nevertheless when you've been dealt any 4 cards which are from the exact same suit hold them wheather you've a low pair or not, hold the 4 cards which have exactly the same suit, this is also correct when you have 3 or 4 cards that could make up a Royal Flush these would be the only non-paying hands which are much better to hold than a low pair, in the event you do not possess a low pair look at wheather you have 4 cards of an outside straight, should you be holding 4 cards of an outside straight there is eight cards inside a deck that can finish the hand for instance in the event you had been dealt Three, Four, Five, Six it might be finished in the event you are dealt a Two or Seven by completing the straight on either side from the 4 cards but by no means draw to an inside straight whenever you happen to be playing Jacks Or Better and holding a low pair is a lot better than holding 1 or 2 Face cards no matter if the Face cards are suited or not so do not be enticed by two Face cards when you have a low pair they may look nice but in the event you hold them rather than a low pair you'll shed your cash to rapidly.

So that is the easy but effective methods to this strategy which I'm hoping you will use and practice with so before long you will be playing much better the majority of video poker players but the best thing about this strategy is that it will enable you to extend your playing time and win much more frequently thus giving you a better chance of hitting the jackpot.

Please Take time to remember that you are gambling, no matter what. So only play with money that you can afford to play with. ALWAYS try the systems on the casino's 'free-play' option before you place any money in. It's free and only requires your accuracy .